Burmese star tortoise.

Burmese Star Tortoise


The Burmese star tortoise is a beautiful but critically endangered species of tortoise from South-East Asia.

Burmese star tortoise.

A critically endangered Burmese star tortoise (Geochelone platynota) in the Indomalaya Pavilion of the Toronto Zoo.

In the wild Burmese star tortoises are critically endangered, yet humans eat them mainly in China. In order to save the species from extinction zoos are trying to breed Burmese star tortoises in captivity. The little Burmese star tortoise hatchling in the picture below has hatched in the Toronto Zoo as part of a captive breeding effort.

Burmese star tortoise hatchling.

A Burmese star tortoise hatchling in the Toronto Zoo.

Even though the Burmese star tortoise is a beautiful tortoise, and from what I have seen in the zoo they are curious creatures with entertaining antics, you should not get one as a pet since there are so few individuals left that they all should either be left alone in the wild or be bred in zoos to preserve the species.

Burmese star tortoise.

If you want a similar looking animal getting an Indian star tortoise is a much better option to have as a pet in your home since it is not endangered and captive bread animals are readily available in the pet trade.

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Last updated: October 26, 2014

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