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This is my personal blog so I can write about whatever topic I care to. Living creatures just happen to be one of the things I find fascinating so a significant portion of the blog is devoted to critters I have encountered.

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This site is undergoing major changes. Content is going to consist of auto generated static pages (no CSM).

It seems that keeping WordPress and the underlying PHP, all the plugins and themes up to date at all times is a full time job, so I have kind of given up dealing with it.

Instead I wrote some HTML snippets and some scripts to create these pages that sort of form a blog. Well there really isn't any interaction with readers, but that is what social media is for.

I am no web designer, but the site starts to look like an adequate job.

Pages and articles from the old site (in WordPress) are now archived (they were converted to static pages using the Simple Static plugin). I have tried to create a similar (but somewhat more modern and updated) look and feel for the newly designed content.


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