2022-06-22 21:42:30

During the pandemic I was stuck inside my apartment and if I wanted to eat I had to make my own baked good. One of the things I really liked to bake was fresh focaccia, partly because it is so simple to make. I was just loosely following the recipe on Food Wishes and it came out great.

Photo of a raw focacciaFocaccia dough before baking drenched in olive oil.

You do need to apply olive oil quite liberally before oand after baking. Focaccia is supposed to have a realtively high fat content. But that is what makes it so delicious, a slice of focaccia is almost a meal by itself.

Photo of a baked focacciaA beautiful baked focaccia.

The fully baked product is supposed to be fluffy and fragrant from all the rosemary in it and just a delight to each either by itself or just use it to make a sandwich.

Photo of a cut up focaccia.