March 25, 2019
by DDD

Site Update

As you may have noticed I wasn’t posting much recently. It is because I had to spend my time dealing with technical issues and moving the blog to a different computer. On the plus side it should be loading faster now.

Hopefully I will be able to post more real content in the near future.


October 31, 2018
by DDD
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Freedom of Speech

I grew up in a communist country where we have, perhaps mistakenly, thought that the difference between communist dictatorships and the western democracies was that in a free and democratic society “freedom of speech” meant that you still had your freedom after you have delivered the speech.

The sad thing is that people seem to be giving up this fundamental right willingly after their ancestors have fought revolutions and wars to have it.

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The Hanzi for Language.

May 31, 2018
by DDD

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

The English language seems to have won the war, and it has become the lingua franca of the entire world.

So after successfully convincing the world that everyone has to speak English why do British people mistakenly think that they still somehow own the English language?

Success can be its own punishment.

Frost flowers

February 1, 2018
by DDD

Frost Flowers

Delicate structures made of ice crystals that form on top of frozen bodies of water are usually referred to as frost flowers. If the frost forms on solid objects or on window glass it is usually referred to as hoar frost and window frost respectively. Casually they all can be called frost flowers.
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