Grévy's zebras.
Grévy's zebras.

Grévy’s Zebra


The Grévy’s zebra is the largest species of zebra and in fact the largest wild equid.

Grévy's zebra.

Grévy’s zebra (Equus grevyi), Toronto Zoo.

Wild Grévy’s zebras like all zebras come from the Africa and they originally live in Kenya and Ethiopia. Grévy’s zebras are vegetarian and mostly eat grasses (herbivores). They are well adapted to living in dry grasslands and Grévy’s zebras can go days without water.

Grévy’s zebras are considered to be endangered as their number has declined in significantly in the last decades and their range shrunk.

The pictures above were taken in the Toronto Zoo where there seems to be a large number of Grévy’s zebras kept in a relatively large display with other African animals.

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