Picture-winged fly.

Picture-Winged Flies


These are flies from the family Ulidiidae. It seems that people did not really bother to give all of them common names, but they are sometimes called picture-winged flies.

Picture winged flies.

Picture-winged flies from the family Ulidiidae on a bracket fungus in Hungary.
They are probably the species Myennis octopunctata but I have only identified them from the Internet.

This particular species seems to like to gather on some bracket fungus. I remember seeing these flies at the same location where the picture was taken decades ago, but I never knew what they were.

Picture-winged fly.

Female Ulidiid fly.

After I took these pictures I started looking on the Internet and I have identified them from other pictures — which might not be a good way to identify any insect since there are so many of them.

Picture-winged fly.

Male Ulidiid fly.

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