Spider Monkey.

Black-handed Spider Monkey


Black-handed spider monekys come from Central America, mainly from Mexico.

Spider Monkey.

Black-handed spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi), Toronto Zoo.
Count the number of limbs.

The most obvious feature of a spider monkey is its prehensile tail that sort of functions like an extra limb. In many ways it even looks like one. The hand of the spider monkey has only a vestigial thumb, but the fingers are very long. Spider monkeys can brachiate using their hands like hooks.They can hang using any one of their appendages including hanging by the prehensile tail only (which apparently can support the entire weight of the animal).

In the wild black-handed spider monkeys are endangered.

Spider monkey.

The same spider monkey.
Observe how much the prehensile tail looks just like another limb.

From all the primates I have encountered with the exception of Orangutans, black-handed spider monkeys give me the most eerie feeling with their resemblance to humans. More specifically black handed spider monkeys have a face that looks sort of like a human child’s (with some obvious differences of course). They are also about the size of a small child and as they frolic around black handed spider monkeys do show childlike qualities.

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