A picture of a piece of Schmalzbrot with Lard (cold).

Schmalzbrot with Lard


A picture of a piece of Schmalzbrot with Lard (cold).

Schmalzbrot with Lard

Another picture of a piece of Schmalzbrot this time it is lard spread on a piece of bread, then garnished with spring onions, salt and chilly powder.

This picture was taken in a fairly cold room, yet you still can see the lard melting which is evidence of relatively high unsaturated fat content.
In fact lard is in many way similar to olive oil with a slightly higher saturated fat content which makes it spreadable at room temperature while olive oil melts slightly below it.

Lard spread over bread was an everyday staple in most of Europe until the obsession with cholesterol made people replace it with far less healthy products.

If you are a follower of the cholesterol craze here is news for you: Most of the cholesterol in your body is in fact produced by your own liver.
Eating good fats is far more important than the actual cholesterol content of the food we eat.

Unfortunately people have replaced eating natural fats such as lard and butter with margarine, made out of oils barely suitable for human consumption using chemical processes that result in high trans fat contents — now that is something that will kill you.

While it has been repeatedly vilified in the modern are ow world wide lipophobia, lard is good for you.
So keep reading and don’t feel bad if you enjoy lard spread over a slice of bread, in your pie crust, or just cooked into whatever dish you may enjoy.

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Last updated: July 12, 2015

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