Viadukt in Veszprém.


Veszprém is a beautiful old city in the western part of Hungary, near Lake Balaton.
Veszprém Skyline.

I have visited Veszprém a couple of times but very briefly, just to take pictures of the animals living in the Veszprém Zoo.

My timing wasn’t very good, because I went site seeing inside the city in the evening and it was getting dark so taking pictures wasn’t easy.

Dubniczay Palace.

The city features various historical buildings with nice looking architecture, including several churches.

Dubniczay Palace and the St Michael's Cathedral.

There is also a medieval castle.
Veszprém Castle.

The castle is kept in a very good shape, it features several statues and various old buildings mostly kept as historically accurate as possible. The most obvious signs of modern life are electric lights that keep the place lit at night — a wise precaution because in a historical accurate manner there are plenty of places that are just accidents waiting to happen.

The precipice at the edge of the Veszprém Castle.

The Veszprém Castle features some of its original arrangement from medieval times, including the part where a road pretty much ends at a precipice with no physical barrier. Caution is advised as nothing prevents the unwary visitor from walking over the edge. Which makes sight-seeing after dark a bit more adventurous than most would expect. The area is at least kept well lit after dark.

Places Inside Veszprém



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Last updated: October 20, 2015