The Gyula Castle.

The Gyula Castle

The Gyula Castle is a medieval castle constructed out of bricks during the 14th and 15th centuries.

Gyula Castle.

The Gyula Castle.

The castle located in the town of Gyula in Hungary.

Lacking the stones necessary for building a fortress the locals have constructed the entire castle out of bricks and mortar.

Window in the Gyula Castle.

Looking out a window from the tower of the Gyula Castle, the wall is clearly rather thick.

To provide some protection against medieval weaponry and even cannon fire the walls were build strong, in some places they appear to be at least two meters thick.

Looking down inside the Gyula Castle.

The castle is still in good condition, in some places restored where the actual medieval materials did not last with reasonably authentic looking materials so that a visitor can appreciate how the place looked like to the people who had to actually live in it.

The castle operates as a museum and for a modest fee the visitor can roam around in it.
Old Gun.

There are various exhibits of medieval weaponry such as various swords, sabers, spears and really old guns. Even a few suites or armor are on display.

Other exhibits just show the everyday life in a medieval castle such as how food was stored, various cooking implements, a blacksmith’s workshop and similar things.

Medieval Jail in the Gyula Castle.

Medieval jail.

There are also dungeons of some sorts with medieval implements of torture and death.

Implements of torture.

Implements of torture.

View from the top of Gyula Castle.

A view from the top of the tower.

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