The Gyula Castle.


Gyula is a small town in Hungary just east of Békéscsaba right at the Hungarian-Romanian border. Probably the most immediately recognizable feature of the town is its medieval castle built out of bricks.

But the downtown area features all sort of interesting architecture, a number of church buildings and various government offices.

Government Offices, Gyula, Hungary.

Gyula used to be the capital of Békés County and even after that title was given to Békéscsaba in 1950 some institutions remained in Gyula.

World Clock, Gyula, Hungary.

The World Clock and a fountain in front of a government building.

In Gyula history is literally written on the walls, there are many plaques reminding the passers by what important event of Hungarian history has taken place there.

Memorial Plaque of Károly Leiningen on a wall. Gyula, Hungary

Many public sculptures depict people who have actually lived in Gyula or had some connection to the town.


A bust of Ferenc Erkel, Gyula, Hungary.

A bust of Ferenc Erkel, the composer of the Hungarian national anthem.
He was born in Gyula.

A bust of Albrecht Dürer, Gyula, Hungary.

A bust of the German painter Albrecht Dürer.
His father was a Hungarian who lived in Gyula before moving to Germany.


The town looks beautiful with lots of water features nearly everywhere.

A fountain in Gyula, Hungary.

Because of the many connections to Hungarian history and because of its beauty Gyula is a popular tourist destination in Hungary.
Visit Gyula.

The downtown area of Gyula has lots of little stores selling the finest Italian style ice cream, coffee houses, and patios where one can have a beer — a nice place to find a spot to relax. Gyula also features a thermal spa.

Entrance of the Spa, Gyula, Hungary.

The entrance of the spa (Várfürdő).

As usual, some church buildings in Gyula:


Catholic Church, Gyula, Hungary.

Catholic Church.

Holy Trinity Chapel.

Holy Trinity Chapel.


Presbyterian Church, Gyula, Hungary.

Presbyterian Church.

Romanian Orthodox Church, Gyula, Hungary.

Romanian Orthodox Church.


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