Bluffers beach, Scarborough, ON.

Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs is a large escarpment stretching several miles along Lake Ontario. There are several parks and other noteworthy locations within its area. I have created this page to show photos that I take at various places within the Scarborough Bluffs area.

Bluffer’s Park and Marina

Bluffer's Park Sign.

The Bluffer’s Park and the adjoining marina is located at the end of Brimley Road, one just needs to drive down to the lake, carefully to avoid pedestrians who tend to walk in the middle of the road disregarding all traffic laws and their own safety.

Signs at the Bluffer's Park Marina.

Finding a parking spot can be utterly hopeless. All parking requires payment yet on a warm weekend there aren’t any empty parking spots but even on a sunny weekday the parking lots are pretty full.

This area is where people keep their boats. Apparently there are boats that do look like houses and people live in them.
House or boat.

If you don’t own a boat you can still admire the view.

Water Spray at Lake Ontario

On one side it is Lake Ontario, on the other you see a rock wall (the bluff) covered by vegetation.

Bluffers Park

It is a feature that stretches on for miles.

Bluff, Bluffer's Park

On the lake side there are more boats as one approaches the beach.

Boats on Lake Ontario.

After that there is the packing lot closest to the beach equipped with washroom facilities to accommodate the large number of people who relax there on a daily basis.

Maple tree at Bluffer's Beach.

At that point one side is completely dominated by the cliff while on the other side there is a park.

Bluffer's Park Beach -- Bluff

There is an actual beach which looks exactly as if you were next to the ocean, except it is fresh water, Lake Ontario.

Bluffers Beach Sign.

The actual beach is sand covered and full of people, it is hard to find a spot to even just take a picture of the lake without having dozens of people in it.

Bluffer's Park Beach.

On the other hand the beach continues way beyond the area normally visited by people.

Bluffer's beach.

If one goes to the parking lot to the west of the Bluffer’s Park sign a slightly different beach area can be found. There is a beach close to the marina with washroom facilities and drinking water fountains. Further west there is an area which is sort of a wetland for storm water treatment.

Stormwater Tretment area.

Area for stormwater treatment at the Scarborough Bluffs.
For more information visit

After that it is mostly cliffs to the north.

Cliff at Scarborough Bluffs.

And beaches to the south.

Beach with willow tree.

But they eventually meet.

Cliffs and Beach, Scarborough Bluffs.

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Last updated: June 28, 2015