Pacific Mall, Markham, ON.

Pacific Mall

The Pacific Mall is a large Chinese shopping mall located at the Toronto-Markham border just north of Steeles Ave., i.e. technically in Markham although people do tend to think of it as being in Toronto.

Pacific Mall, Markham, ON.

The Pacific Mall (太古廣場) in Markham, Ontario.

Outside you are in North America, but once you step inside you get the feeling that you have somehow stepped into China. Various stores sell Chinese medicine, electronic products, and almost anything. And that is just the ground floor.

Upstairs there are Chinese and other Asian restaurants, various stores selling Chinese trinklets, even a large variety of ornamental ‘samurai’ swords and other similar weaponry. There is also a number of tattoo parlors.

Statues inside the Pacific Mall.

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Last updated: January 20, 2018