Main Street, Markham, Ontario.


The most obvious thing that comes to mind when one mentions Markham, Ontario is the high concentration of high-tech industry. Markham is just north of the city of Toronto as one crosses Steeles Avenue. Apart from signs posted at the side of the road that now you are in a different city there really isn’t any noticeable boundary.

Markham sign.

One building might have an address in Toronto and the next one in Markham. Residential areas often have nearly identical looking houses, here is an example, just cross the Toronto-Markham boarder at Milliken Park.

Houses in Markham.

Residential area in Markham, on McCowan Road, just across Steeles Ave. from Toronto (Scarborough).
In this area houses have a uniform look.

A section of Main Street looks like the downtown of some small European city — there are places like that even in Toronto, but they always seem to have some reminder that you are in a much bigger city while the old part of Markham is more spread out with fewer tall buildings in sight to ruin the illusion.

Main Street, Markham, Ontario.

Main Street, Markham, Ontario. Even though most of Markham is a North American high-tech environment with huge office buildings this part of the city has the feeling that one is walking around downtown in some European city.

Places inside Markham



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