Violet turaco.
Violet turaco.

Violet Turaco


The violet turaco, also known as the violaceous plantain eater is a colorful bird from Africa.

Violet turaco.

Violet turaco (Musophaga violacea), Toronto Zoo.

The bird in these pictures lives semi-free — locked inside the building but not in a cage — inside in the African rain forest pavilion inside the Toronto Zoo.

In the wild turacos live in lots of habitats, on the African savanna as well as on wetlands, forests. Turacos mainly eat fruit and other plant matter such as leaves and buds, with an occasional insect or other small animal such as a snail.

Apparently some people will even keep violet turacos as pets, although it is fairly uncommon.

Violet turaco.

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Last updated: February 17, 2016

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