Green tree python.

Green Tree Python


The green tree python is an arboreal species of python from New Guine.

Green tree python.

Green tree python (Morelia viridis), Toronto Zoo.

Green tree pythons are doing well in the wild, the biggest danger to them is habitat destruction.

Green tree pythons are hatched as small snakes of a reddish-brown color and later on they change to their adult brilliant green coloration. Naturally many snake enthusiast would want a a green tree python as pet, but its care really requires an advanced hobbyist. Green tree pythons are not as easy to care for as for example ball pythons and among other things they do not like to be handled, some specimens, in particular wild caught green tree pythons, will even bite if handled.

On the other hand if one has some experience in keeping snakes, and understands the animal’s needs, a green tree python can be a good pet. Green tree pythons are bred in captivity even by hobbyists and are available as captive bred pets. There is even some selection of captive bred color morphs.

Being of a moderate adult size, less than 6 feet long, and as a non-venomous snake, the green tree python does not pose much danger to its owner, so if someone just must have a green snake a green tree python is not a bad choice. The green tree python’s needs are reasonably well understood, their requirements for arboreal crawling space, warmth and humidity are known, the would be owner just has to exercise care beforehand to provide the necessary conditions to keep the snake alive and healthy.

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Last updated: June 27, 2016

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