Larch cones.
Larch cones.



Larch trees are deciduous pine trees with species living all over the colder regions of the northern hemisphere.


Larch (Larix sp.).

Unlike most other conifers, larch trees turn yellow in the fall and then loose their leaves.

Larch with yellow leaves.

There are at least a dozen species of larch trees and I cannot identify them by species, they do look similar but not exactly alike so someone with more expertise probably could tell larch trees apart even from pictures.


Larch trees are very beautiful and often planted as ornamental trees. Larch wood is also beautiful and often used for make various objects, including such diverse things as chopping boards, boats, fences and the paneling of buildings — the common factor, apart from aesthetic considerations is that the larch wood is waterproof and resistant to rot.


A large larch tree (Larix sp.) in the Eurasia exhibit of the Toronto Zoo.

Taking a closer look at a larch tree can give a person the illusion that one is in the wilderness even if the tree is really in an urban area. Larch trees just have that forest look around them. For example the branch below is really a branch of the tree above standing in the the middle of a nicely manicured garden in the Toronto Zoo.


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