Panther Chameleon.

Panther Chameleon


The panther chameleon is a species of chameleon from the forests of Madagascar.

Panther Chameleon.

Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) being sold at the 2014 Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo.

I wrote about chameleons in general when I have posted about the veiled chameleon which was my first chameleon related post. The panther chameleon is yet another species of chameleon. While with chameleons the color is not suitable for identification as they change their color depending on their mood, panther chameleons do have color and pattern variations depending on the geographical area they originate from. Male panther chameleons are usually more brightly colored than females.

Obviously people like to keep panther chameleons as pets — this specimen was being sold as one when I took this picture. Most chameleons in the pet trade are captive bred.

Panther chameleons are insectivores and in captivity they need to be fed crickets and various worms to remain healthy.

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