A family of trumpeter swans in the Toronto Zoo.
A family of trumpeter swans in the Toronto Zoo.

Trumpeter Swan


Trumpeter swans are a North American species of swan.

Trumpeter swan.

Trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator), Milliken Park, Scarborough, ON.

Trumpeter swans do appear to be abundant in my area, I have seen them on several bodies of water. The trumpeter swan family shown in the picture at the top of this post was photographed in the Canadian Domain exhibit in the Toronto Zoo, but they were not confined, rather looked like wild animals living on the grounds of the zoo. The other pictures were taken in Milliken Park.

Trumpeter swan.

Even in Milliken Park there were several families of trumpeter swans with young chicks, I just never got any usable pictures of them as they tended to keep their distance from humans.

Like most waterfowl trumpeter swans are edible. Although in lots of places their number is increasing at one point trumpeter swans have been hunted nearly to extinction. As a reult it might very well be illegal in your jurisdiction to hunt and eat swans, so check with the local authorities before you go swan hunting.

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