Purple gorgonian coral.

Purple Gorgonian


This is a photosynthetic gorgonian. Probably belonging to the species Muriceopsis flavida which is known as the purple feather gorgonian or purple brush gorgonian.

Purple gorgonian coral.

Purple gorgonian coral.

I have acquired this specimen during a recent coral cutting workshop in a Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto meeting.

Purple gorgonian coral.

Purple gorgonian coral.
Observe the delicate polyps.

I don’t have a lot of experience keeping gorgonians and I have only picked up this frag because there were so many of them lying around during the workshop, so I have decided to give it a try. While this is supposed to be a photosynthetic gorgonian species the polyps do come out when there is something to eat in the water, so I can only conclude that this particular gorgonian coral still likes to eat.

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Last updated: July 3, 2014

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