A picture of a bowl of lentil soup with smoked pork.

New Year’s Day 2014


First of all: Happy New Year, everyone.

New Year’s Day is a special celebration in most cultures where great significance is given to everything that we eat. It is quite common to attribute an almost magical power to ordinary food items.

For example in my native Hungary people associate pigs with good luck, thus it is mandatory to eat pork (usually roasted piglets) on New Year’s day.

A picture of slow roast pork made from a young piglet.

Slow roast pork (piglet).

The dish on the picture wasn’t made from a particularly small piglet, so it it has some larger chunks of meat and somewhat less skin than what would come from roasting a small piglet whole.

Lentils supposed to bring prosperity — they are considered to be a proxy for money in this context.

Similar beliefs are held in other cultures.

A picture of a bowl of lentil soup with smoked pork.

Lentil soup with smoked pork.

Lentils can be eaten in a variety of dishes, the lentil soup in the picture was made by cooking lentils with root vegetables (mostly carrots and parsley) with some salt, garlic, bay leaves, onions, and lots of smoked pork.

By itself a perfect meal for a new year celebration.

Last updated: January 2, 2014

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